Organising a party can be daunting, take a look at some of our tips below which should help.
  1. If you have lots of guests choose a few potential dates which would suit the key guests, Thursday’s or Friday’s are popular.  It is inevitable that there will be someone who cannot make the date.  Some companies may be very busy themselves in December so prefer to choose a date in January.  Once the date if fixed make sure everyone is informed to ‘save the date’ even if you are not ready to send out a formal invitation.
  2. Find out what kind of venue would suit most, whether a restaurant (what kind of food) or hotel.  You may get a better deal if you go for a fixed menu deal.
  3. Be aware of the budget, remember to keep some aside for a service charge/tip on the night or extra drinks.  Will guests need to pay for anything on the night?  
  1. Check exact numbers of guests and check again a week before the event
  2. It may be easier for the venue if food choices are made in advance so organise this if need be
  3. Book/organise any entertainment
  4. Organise venue decorations/theme
  5. Organise arrival drinks/snack
  6. Do you need to organise any speeches?
  7. Do you need to hire a photographer?
  8. Do you need to organise goody bags?
  9. Do you need to organise a cloak room for guests coats and jackets?
  10. Do you need to organise any transport on the night?
  11. Invite guests, be sure to include, date, venue address + map, start and finish time, theme/dress code, menu choices, RSVP details
  12. Create table plans
  13. Ensure suppliers have all your contact details including mobile number in case any issues arise
After the event you may wish to ask for some feedback for next year!

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