10 ways to be efficient in the office

  1. Before you start your working day, note down the tasks you want to accomplish.  This will help you stay focussed on the tasks ahead.
  2. Skim through every email that comes in, if it can be replied to easily then do it immediately rather than leaving it in your inbox which will otherwise keep piling up.
  3. Create folders in your inbox and file emails away so that they are easy to refer to if necessary.
  4. Learn some basic shortcuts on your PC which will save valuable time.  http://www.virtualassistanthelpdesk.co.uk/useful-keyboard-shortcuts-for-windows-pc/


  1. Book time out in your calendar to concentrate on important tasks you never seem to find the time for.


  1. Have reminder pop-ups on your phone or computer before meetings to ensure you are on time.


  1. If you’re working on your own or can use headphones then listening to motivating music can help.
  2. If you are having a mental block or just can’t concentrate then take a 10 minute break and come back feeling refreshed and motivated.
  3. At the end of the working day ensure you tidy up and put everything in its place ready for the next day.


  1. Have too much on your plate?  Delegate tasks which would free up your time to concentrate on what you do best.   See this link www.virtualassistanthelpdesk.co.uk