1. Friends & Family – if you have any friends or family with relevant experience and skills that can help in your business with web design, marketing or as an extra pair of hands, USE THEM!
  2. Save Energy Costs – to save energy and help the environment consider turning off your monitor if you are not going to use it for more than 20 minutes and consider turning off your PC if you are not going to use it for more than 2 hours.  Other considerations are lighting and heating – turn off or down when not needed.
  3. Reuse Printer Cartridges – new printer cartridges can be expensive, consider having the cartridges refilled with ink, there are local printing shops that can do this for you.   If you prefer you can buy the ink and refill yourself!
  4. Used equipment – consider purchasing used or reconditioned equipment and furniture as you could save considerable costs.
  5. Recycle paper and packaging – Set your PC to print double-sided to save paper.  Consider using recycling bins which can be collected to help the environment.  Reuse packaging boxes, files and anything else where suitable.
  6. Shop around – be sure to compare energy, telephone, insurance, broadband and other suppliers to get the best quote.  You could make quite a saving.
  7. Free services – Make use of free services such as e-mails instead of sending documents or faxing and Skype for meetings or phone calls.  You may wish to consider Voip (voice over internet protocol).  Also ask for free trials – a lot of Companies offer these to new customers.
  8. Bank Account – Use a comparison site to find the cheapest business bank account and move over if necessary.
  9. Grants and Free courses – Check out whether you are entitled to a grant, possibly check with your local council.  You may also be able to get yourself or your employees onto free courses, check what is available online or locally.
  10. Outsource – Outsourcing can help you reclaim time which can be better spent elsewhere and it could be more cost effective than an employee. Click here to see the benefits of outsourcing some of your administration.

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